Livelihood programs through women-led community institutions

Project Type: Assessment
Client Type: Foundation
Location(s): Odisha, India

Context: In 2017, the client conceived a model to establish women-led three-tier community institutions across states with a long term perspective towards developing a sense of ownership and stable livelihood opportunities for women in the poorest regions of India.
The envisaged outcome was to generate greater income opportunities, reduce risks through diversification with multiple livelihood options, create community assets, provide access to formal credit, help build community-owned institutions, converge with government initiatives, establish market linkage and achieve sustainability through service delivery mechanisms.

Action: NuSocia partnered with the client to assess the achievement of goals and objectives set for the project in Odisha. To assess such a program needed an on ground deep understanding of the ground realities with a multi stakeholder approach and overcoming language barriers (tribal speak is different from mainstream regional languages) and on ground logistics taking into account the COVID-19 crisis which brought forth unique challenges in the data collection process.

Result: NuSocia’s delivered the project assessment study across four key areas -

-> Goal assessment to evaluate program implementation, grant utilization and value additions
-> Objective assessment to understand impact of project interventions and identify best practices
-> Process evaluation to measure effectiveness of monitoring systems and team structure
-> Risk analysis for external / socio-political risks and their potential impact on project outcomes

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