Interventions for village development

Project Type: Design
Client Type: Nonprofit
Location(s): Goa, India

Context: The client is an implementation partner of a large corporation working on integrated village development initiatives around its operational areas in Goa. Their project thematic areas include-

-> Livelihood development: farm and non-farm including skilling of youth for self-employment or wage employment and women entrepreneurship
-> Educational development: pre-primary to higher education
-> Water, Health and Sanitation programs
-> Any other areas which the community feels essential

Action: NuSocia conducted a needs assessment exercise in two villages using a mix of quantitative and qualitative research methods, and participatory approaches to bring out expressed and implicit needs of the community. For this project, NuSocia developed technology-enabled tools for data collection and analysis.

Result: The study indicated a pressing need to revive the livelihood patterns in both the villages. Additionally, it also brought out explicit needs such as the revival of community assets, farms lands and water resources, improvement in healthcare infrastructure, skill-based training for youth, and improvement in sanitation conditions. 

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