Life at NuSocia

At NuSocia, our raison d’etre lies in making a positive difference in the world. Our organization is not just a workplace; it’s a community of passionate individuals united by a shared commitment to social impact.

Diverse and Inclusive Team

The strength of our organization lies in the diversity of our team. From seasoned industry experts to fresh, innovative minds, our colleagues bring a wealth of experiences and perspectives to the table. This diversity fosters a vibrant and collaborative environment where ideas flourish and creativity abounds.

To me, success at NuSocia is like building blocks. Your success can go in as many directions, vertical or even horizontal as long as you are confident and creative enough to seize it. On top of that, what truly helps get the ball rolling is the space for conversation and guidance available to everyone.- Rama Panchanadikar

NuSocia keeps me going in my day to day life, especially in times when I am facing a fatal sickness. Keeps me hopeful and gives me a sense of independence. – Riteka Pothan

Impactful Projects with a Purpose

From advising nonprofits to collaborating with socially responsible businesses, each project is a chance to contribute to positive change. The impact of our work extends far beyond the office walls, leaving a lasting imprint on communities around the globe.

What excites me the most about my work at NuSocia is the width of thematic topics of importance that we navigate. I love listening to Primary Research briefs.  It’s a platform of continuous learning for me, which is a non-negotiable personal goal of mine.  Every single day, I try to learn something new. – Manju Menon

Collaborative Culture

Collaboration is not just a buzzword at NuSocia; it’s a way of life. Teams work cohesively, leveraging each other’s strengths to deliver the best outcomes for our clients. The open-door policy ensures that ideas flow freely, and every team member’s contribution is valued.

The most exciting part of my current role is building organizational systems. As I create actionable data and articles, I am also working towards creating an internal knowledge structure our team can easily utilize. Incorporating new AI tools and systems to improve our team’s way of working and just making it that much easier for them daily makes all the work worth it.- Nilakshi Biswas

Continuous Learning and Innovation

We embrace creativity and innovation as we navigate the complex challenges of creating a better world. Whether it’s through training programs, workshops, or exposure to latest technologies, we ensure that each team member has the tools and resources to thrive.

The dynamic nature of my responsibilities allows me to contribute to multiple teams, ensuring that I am not confined to a specific role. This versatility enables me to be a part of every facet of the organization.- Nisha Poojari

Balancing Purpose and Well-being

We understand the importance of balance. While our work is driven by a sense of purpose, we also prioritize the well-being of our team members. NuSocia encourages a supportive and flexible work environment, ensuring that our employees can thrive both professionally and personally.

One of the advantages of our remote work culture is the autonomy it provides. While some of us do come together to work from an office once a week, we enjoy our lunches and coffee breaks together while working. We are committed to maintaining a learning, collaborative, innovative and supportive culture even in a distributed environment. – Namrata Shinde

When team members, from various departments, endorse the cultural fabric and values of the organization, it creates a cohesive environment that propels us toward shared goals. – Amol Dhakane

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