NuSocia Translational Research Centre (NTRC)

Research is the foundation of every piece of consulting we offer at NuSocia. We believe that evidence and insights matter. While navigating the progress of various developmental initiatives in society by our clients, we acknowledge the contextuality of such initiatives, the need to learn from similar practices, and the need to share the learnings with the wider ecosystem we are part of.
NuSocia Translational Research Centre is an effort from NuSocia to bridge the gap between Practice and Knowledge. The NTRC in NuSocia is the research engine that fuels all our consulting, research and capacity-building services. It is also an effort by NuSocia to gather evidence and translate it into meaningful knowledge outputs that can be used to learn, plan or help prioritise social development initiatives by various stakeholders.

Latest from NTRC

SCMHRD Collaboration

NuSocia collaborates with SCMHRD, Pune, in academic research and publication in the fields of CSR, Sustainability, Social Impact, Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship, etc., intending to link practice to academics. The partnership also aims to nurture future responsible leadership among the institute’s students and curate professional courses for industry professionals in these domains.

CSR Trends for 2024

A Bulletin from NTRC
NuSocia presented a case study on Social Entrepreneurship for Women Empowerment at IIM Kashipur.
The case study on NuSocia was presented at the International Confluence Congress at IIT Madras and attended by the Advisor and NTRC team. The academic research paper was developed along with the faculty at SCMHRD.